Cherry Bomb

Hello from the south of France! This has quickly become my most frequented smoothie breakfast, it’s so easy and energizing, this morning when it turned out a thicker consistency than as usual I just had to take a few snaps. Have been missing banana ice-cream as my small blender isn’t powerful enough to blitz them … Continue reading Cherry Bomb

Barcelona – La Ciudad

“When you travel in a camper van, the world is your garden.” In her Mexican boots, with braided and feather tipped hair, coiled in handmade jewelry made from materials from around the world, the Spanish girl sitting beside us on the plane finished recounting her travels with this beautiful piece of inspiration. Barcelona was waiting … Continue reading Barcelona – La Ciudad

Easter Weekend

Finally getting a chance to post again; exams are not a friend of the blogging world…though I’ve been far too relaxed about study and possibly haven’t fully realised that my first exam is in two days. French politics. The Dreyfus Affair better make an appearance! Last weekend I headed back to the Wexford countryside for … Continue reading Easter Weekend