Summer is nearly heeeere. It sure was creepin’ round my doorstep the other morning. I like to think myself a cosmopolitan girl…but home is in the countryside! After whizzing through a 6km set of sprints on the treadmill, I chilled in the sunshine with an old friend. Doesn’t she just look like a bundle of …


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Raw Sprouted Salsa

Vibrant! Raw salsa. So good. I just got back from Prague last night, absolutely exhausted after all the walking and eventful nightly excursions. Currently sifting through the mounds of photos accumulated throughout the trip and I can’t wait to get a collage together! Coming soon. In the meantime, check out this colourful piece. For the … Continue reading Raw Sprouted Salsa


I recently “officially” released my blog the other day, and have been delighted with the feedback so far! It’s great when people say they want more vegan recipes. I’m constantly hearing my mam rant on about how “the best diet is a varied diet” (in an attempt to support her anti-vegan, meat-and-dairy-is-great mantra) and this … Continue reading Variety

Wicklow Way

Family hikes. My parents were very into these when I was a kid. And at that time I absolutely hated them…all I wanted was for someone to carry me the whole way! Now, that trudge up a mountain seems like the best way to spend a Sunday. Given how awful the weather has been during the … Continue reading Wicklow Way


Trophy breakfast this morning! Overnight oats are just awesome. Topping choices immense. So easy too. Banana serve is probably the staple food of all raw vegans. It's just like ice-cream. Imagine having ice-cream for breakfast or dinner? Freeze your bananas and blitz in a processor until smooth! I added almond butter here. Yummm. The mixture … Continue reading Trophy

Ice Berry

I intentionally didn’t include any written entries for my first few posts: the photos tell the stories themselves. Its now also quite obvious that I’m a bit mad about France. I’ve been going to the Dordogne every year since I was 9 and now keep going back to work during the summer, somehow also managing … Continue reading Ice Berry


First blog posts are tricky. I’ve a few firm favourite blogs out there whose new posts I’d always keep in tune with, and a few times I’ve tried to navigate my way back to their very first ones. These are the blogs with a massive number of followers, hundreds of aesthetically pleasing photos, comments from … Continue reading Salut